Storytelling with maps

Using both LANDSAT-based indices and LandTrendr (spectral-temporal segmentation technique), we may infer significant surface changes on Earth. But when I encounter unknowns (such as a dark area with evidence of clear disturbances), we may utilize UAV/Drone imageries.

Ward wise COVID-19 cases found in Chattogram City

Monthly variation of cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning stroke density over Bangladesh, 2020

Lightning fatality map of Bangladesh (fatalities recorded within 2015-2020 year period)

Locations of air monitoring and meteorological stations (with district boundary) in Bangladesh

How has the temperature trend changed over the last five decades in Bangladesh?

How has the precipitation pattern changed over the last five decades in Bangladesh?

Change in shoreline of Ganges Deltaic Coast, Bangladesh (1977-2017)

Land cover map with major road networks of Chattogram City

Change in shoreline monitored for Chattogram, Bangladesh (1977-2017) using two separate statistical approaches

When is the busiest time of day in Chattogram City? Congestion map can answer this question!

Mean land value of 41 wards of Chattogram City, in different years

Change in land value and built environment, map for 41 wards of Chattogram City